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Who are The Metatrons?


The Metatrons are a delightfully fuzzy Riot-Pop band all the way from Hitchin. After signing to Chapter 22 Records in 2019 they released their  "Deconstruction" album, which was a fantastic critical success, being called "The pinnacle of quality pop" and "a thunderous slice of pop majesty". Vive le Rock said the album was "bursting with bright, breezy driving should hear them"
The band toured the album, opening for Altered Images on their UK tour in 2022 to add to the already impressive list of great bands they've worked with - Shonen Knife, Echobelly, The Primitives, Dodgy, The Blockheads, The Darling Buds, The Membranes, Steve Craddock and Glen Matlock to name but a few.
2023 had more more great shows and a summer full of festival appearances, just as they released their 4th album "Lumination" on Chapter 22 Records in June.


The people in the band all have names and do particular things and these are them:


Polly - the singing and piano

Rico - the bass guitar

Steve - the drums

Simon - the guitar and some singing


We all share a love of punk, pop, chips and sunny afternoons.


We've all been in other bands in the past, such as Catherine in the Cupboard, The Astronauts, Redmaxx, New Kick and several others.  


There are more things about us but that'll do for now. Please come to the gigs and say hello or drop us a line HERE.



The Metatrons






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